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Turning Clever into Cash - The Second Dose!  If you liked volume one, you will love volume two.


Turning Clever into Cash II is about all-or-nothing thinking.  In marketing your brand, you cannot see things in absolute, black-or-white categories.  You cannot over-generalize.  You cannot see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat.  You have to have mental filters. Why?


Transitional times negate the “business as usual” approach. They offer the perfect opportunity to adopt a bold plan, to take a firm stand to differentiate yourself and your organization from the competition. Turning Clever into Cash II presents viable options to create effective differentiation, to grow your organization, to enhance your profitability and to loyalize your customers. Turning Clever into Cash II enables you to discover your unique point of difference and how you can capitalize on it in a marketplace blinded by overexposure.   


Turning Clever into Cash - The Second Dose! answers the following questions:


  • What makes you and your organization different from, better than your competitors?
  • How do you exploit that difference and make it even more valuable?
  • How do you communicate that difference to the marketplace?
  • How to develop a “theatrical” approach that works in your environment?

Turning Clever into Cash - Volume II

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