Our corporate society has realized that the way to become a world-class organization is to create superior performance processes.  This ensures better-quality products and services for customers.  That is why so many companies have turned to Six Sigma.  However, Six Sigma practitioners have long struggled with showing people how to change their culture, as well as how to keep the process going after the consultants have left the building.  That is where The Value Wave comes in.


The Value Wave is an extension of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing service principles, which starts and ends with people, not processes.  So your business transformation is enhanced at every stage.  In most companies, leaders want to do three things:  increase production and revenue, while, at the same time, decreasing cost and waste, doing so with a customer first focus.  But it takes the right people who are trained to amplify their skills for change to achieve this.


The Value Wave is a universal tool that integrates organizational development methodologies and business transformation processes with one solitary purpose - to improve business performance.  This simultaneous migration of people, process, change management, and technology is designed to accomplish strategic and financial world-class goals.

Touchstone - Organizational Wellness

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