Many people think making the transition from a mono-culturally diverse, inclusive organization is like turning on a light switch, simply wire in the right number of people of different races, genders, abilities, and nationalities, and turn on the power.  The Truth About Jelly Beans shows this is not the case.


Diversity cannot be reduced to numbers and tolerance.  Inclusiveness is far more than Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, hiring quotas, and breaking barriers.  Although all these factors may play a part in the change process, none implies the range of fundamental changes in organizational thinking, culture, rules, processes, and practices that must happen en route to becoming a high-performing, culturally diverse, inclusive organization.


The Truth About Jelly Beans shows that achieving a successful, inclusive, multicultural organization requires embracing and tapping into diversity as a route to success.  It requires new styles of leadership, thinking, communication, problem solving and strategic planning.  It requires new organizational structures, practices, benefit plans, behavior patterns, values, and goals – in short, a complete systemic overhaul.


The Truth About Jelly Beans brings a fresh perspective and an experienced knowledge base to address your company’s diverse consulting needs.

The Truth About Jelly Beans - Diversity in the workplace

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