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Most people think of accelerated learning as any activity that speeds up the learning process.  While these activities may increase your learning abilities, there are other methodologies that are far more effective.  The Genius Within teaches you how to and when to use each of the elements of learning.  According to Wade Younger, “accelerated learning is an organized way to augment natural learning with the latest memory techniques.”  


We only use about 5% of our capabilities, however, in the last two decades, we have learned more, through the scientific approach, about how the mind and body work together.  The Genius Within engages all of your abilities: your whole brain, your emotions, your imagination, and your body.  The Genius Within couples this information with the ancient wisdom of our consciousness springing from such things as meditation, colors and music.


How fast can you learn?  Two to ten times faster without stress!  How do you do it?  It’s all about having the correct state for learning.  Being relaxed and becoming more alert which supports a feeling of being anchored while learning.  Basically, you learn faster because you learn how to remember more efficiently.  Your conscious mind is very intelligent, but your subconscious is a heck of a lot smarter.  The Genius Within speaks to your unconscious as well as your conscious mind.  It gives you ways to insure that your empowered subliminal mind is going in the same direction you are.  


The Genius Within ensures that your learning experience will be less stressful and long lasting.  The main objective of this book is to have everyone recognize that there is a genius within all of us!

The Genius Within - How to get the most out of your mind

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