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Running With Horses is about motivating yourself to a higher standard of living and performance.  It’s about the power of getting off of the couch and doing something to contribute to society.  It’s about recognizing your individual efforts and achievements no matter how small or great.


Personal leadership is one of the hardest skills to master.  In this book, Wade Younger explores deeply into the art of turning intent into success.  Running With Horses reveals practices and techniques that exceptional people utilize to reach extraordinary achievements.  It reflects on one of the most elusive aspects of motivation, and offers a deeper understanding of how and why motivation works.  Filled with real life experiences, this book offers a set of principles, practical ideas, and expert advice that will be your guide to mastering the most important elements of success that will excel you to new heights.


Many people assume that money is the key to motivation.  But the truth is that the desire to move from intent to accomplishment is linked to a basic human need, not money.


Most people want to accomplish some goal just beyond reach, but few of us truly dare to go to an unknown source of achievement.  Younger maintains that people will aspire to a higher standard of performance when they genuinely appreciate what they really want.  Through uplifting stories of ordinary people he demonstrates how this is done.


Wade also offers several ways you can immediately apply this process.  Powerful and personal, Running With Horses will help you believe in yourself, celebrate your uniqueness, and discover your value without falling victim to overconfidence and pride.  This book shows you how to find your inner voice, your inner heart, and the courage to press forward to greatness, even when you feel stuck in the past.  This is a work of both inspiration and instruction that shows you how to master one of the most difficult and valuable skills in life, self-motivation.


Running With Horses - How to turn intent into breakthrough success

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