Fruition Consulting details how several factors are forcing organizations to rethink basic business views that have been held sacred since America became an industrial society nearly a century ago.  Today, increasing competition in the world market demands new ways of thinking and operating in our organizations.  At one time, the industrial society could rely on a plentiful supply of relatively inexpensive, uneducated labor.  Information processing and the provision of services now dominate the economy and the employment market, and the workers needed today are better educated, more expensive and in shorter supply.


Statistics show, the number of people entering the work force will drop by nearly 10 million between 2010 and 2015.  More women hold jobs outside the home.  Employees are demanding better benefit packages, flexible hours, participation in decision making, and a host of other considerations.  In short, the jobs of today’s workers are different, and their ways of thinking are different, and the ways in which they are managed must be different.


No consulting model applies to every situation; however, Fruition Consulting will show you how to enhance your work flow, provide input for process improvement, and participate in encouraging and motivating employees, while eliminating negative behaviors such as slowdowns and failure to comply with standards.  The Fruition Consulting model frees managers and employees from the restrictions of their traditional roles.  Its flexibility benefits the organization by allowing maximum knowledge of the task to be applied to any work situation.  Fruition Consulting is about being a true value-add resource.

Fruition Consulting - The art of Consulting

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