People who live, work, raise families and even lead organizations tend, as a general rule, to be very well intentioned.  When it comes right down to it, however, this is much more easily discussed in theory than practiced.  Indeed, for all of our life experiences, training and education; for all of our understanding of the theory, people who live, work, raise families and even lead organizations, find it too easy to slip into ways of being and interacting that ultimately don’t serve our best or even our good intentions.  Fluorescent Leadership offers increasingly proven ways of learning to “walk your talk,” to “lead your ship.”


Fluorescent Leadership is a state of mind and heart.  Consisting of principles and practices, it is about taking leadership of our own experiences.  As such, it is not about leadership in the traditional sense of leading others.  Fluorescent Leadership describes a way of being and of interacting with the world that begins from the “inside-out.”  It asks us to be fully present in our lives, alert to habitual behaviors, and willing to look at every situation with fresh eyes.  Fluorescent Leadership offers the possibility of creative and inspiring relationships from aspects of family, friends, and colleagues, to everything we do.


Fluorescent Leadership means sustaining a commitment to deepen our personal and professional capacities.  It asks us to unravel internal experience from external circumstances, recognizing that we are the creators of the former and not victims of the latter.  Practicing Fluorescent Leadership encourages us to recognize that every situation, every new experience, every challenging encounter, every joy and every sorrow, can serve as an opportunity to explore, expand and further fulfill our purpose in life.

Fluorescent Leadership

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