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Everyone wants to know the hidden secret to success.  But is it really a secret?  Eagle’s View uncovers the truth behind personal achievement.  This book will teach you how to control your life instead of your life controlling you.


There is an important reason why top achievers succeed…they learn control.  High achievers agree that without self-determination their dreams would have been shattered.  Wade Younger has written Eagle’s View because so many people dream of achieving great things but suffer from poor follow through.  Most of the time poor follow through comes from a wounded past.  This book is packed with the latest techniques and applied psychology that will give new meaning to the term self-determination.


If you are like most people, whenever you have felt the path of your success was filled with unattainable or mundane activities, either real or imagined, you probably postponed attempts to reach your goals.  In this book, Wade shares real proven techniques to help restructure thoughts and frame aspirations as it compels you to fulfill your dreams.  You will discover how to transform your disbeliefs into thoughts that support your goals and objects.  You will learn what limits you and how to break the chains that hold you back.


You will uncover how pain, the enemy of self-determination, can be converted into empowerment.  And you will find out, through using self-imposed rewards, how you can remain committed and achieve your objectives.  It will help you to put your lifetime ideas into action.  There is one key characteristic that makes the difference between success and failure, and that is self-determination.  Without it, you can never hope to achieve your ambitions.  With it, there is no goal you cannot reach.  Eagle’s View is a unique self-improvement book that allows you to instill a new and powerful self-mastery into your own mind and body.  This book really works.

Eagles View -Uncovering the secret of achievement

SKU: EV012020
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