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The Coast is Clear is about the art of problem solving, risk taking and change.  The word risk is like a red siren that warns about danger, loss, disgrace, or even death.  It’s fearsome because there’s a level of uncertainty in it, where we might face bad consequences if things don’t go smoothly.


The Coast is Clear is about solving problems and tying risk to reward. But it’s not about being foolish.  The first thing we should analyze is whether the risk we take and the sacrifice we make is worth the end result.  Risking your life by swimming across a river with crocodiles just to win a box of candy isn’t that smart.  But taking the risk to change and losing 5% of your income to gain the potential 50% profit from your investment is quite a good idea.


The Coast is Clear will help you develop power of discernment so that you can make those types of decisions.  Mastering the art of change, problem solving and taking risks will bring you one step closer to organizational success in individual careers and many more areas in your life.  It’s time to take a chance and see the outcome.

Coast is Clear - The Art of Mastering Change

SKU: CIC012020
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