Business acumen is the collection of knowledge, skills, and experiences that transforms you into an indispensable, strategic partner in your organization.  


My drive to write this book rose from many lengthy and intense discussions with my clients as we racked our brains on ways my company could do a better job of increasing the relevance and value in their organizations.  There was always more than one doomsday seer among them who would insist that our days in organizations were numbered.


In their eyes, the consulting profession was on its way to becoming a dying art, soon to be relegated to fond memories of the “good old days.”  According to them, it was inevitable that our crucial work was on its way to becoming a transparent, outsourced function, gradually fading into the background of the organizational infrastructure.


Changing Tires on a Moving Car is about doing things differently to help your organization succeed in achieving its objectives.  As I interviewed people in different professions, I discovered the critical missing ingredient for concocting a new brew of success was business acumen.


Changing Tires on a Moving Car helps you speak the language of business and meet your customers on their turf.

Changing Tires On a Moving Car - Applied Business Acumen

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