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An afterglow is a warm feeling that follows a successful endeavor.  That is the goal of this publication; to maintain a positive feeling during your healing process.  In order to accomplish this, there needs to be a strategy to uplift your heart and soul amidst this busy, hectic world.


We live in a fast-paced, quick gratification world that is not built for true personal maturation.  We have to learn to buy out time to develop the secret person of the heart.  This takes a consistent effort.


It is said that a constant drop of water can drill through the densest of rocks.  It is not about the pressure of the water, however; it is about the steadiness of the stream.  AFTERGLOW is a tool, that, when used with consistency, can penetrate the thickest of hearts.


These daily exercises will provide insightful and revealing snapshots of what we think about and the self-talk we engage in.  Eighty-five percent of self-talk is negative.  We have to harness the positive fifteen percent, nurture it and make it contagious to the other eighty-five percent.


In this year-long journey of self discovery, you will uncover personal thoughts, feelings and attitudes which will allow you to be reintroduced to yourself, as if you are meeting yourself for the first time.


After Glow

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